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Tatuus USF-17
Mazda Road to Indy


Tatuus monocoque carbon composite FIA homologated AP T 016

Safety features
Carbon composite front and rear crashbox FIA homologated
Steering column FIA homologated
Roll-hoop FIA homologated
Wheel tethers Cortex FIA homologated
OMP Six-point safety harnesses, Hans system
OMP Extinguisher electrically operated
Removable head protection

Carbon Fibre

Front carbon fibre wing with mainplane adjustable
Rear wing with two aero profiles adjustable

Mazda 2.0 cc 175 hp.

Electronics ECU
Cosworth SQ6

Safety Harness
OMP six-point, three-inch shoulder and lap straps, HANS system

LCD dash integrated in steering wheel Cosworth CFW277

Data Acquisition
Cosworth Omega L2 Plus Data Logger
Sequential Sadev six-speed gearbox
Paddle shift Magneti Marelli EGA

Front Suspension
Double wishbone with pushrods
Twin shock layout
Camber and toe adjustable

Rear Suspension
Double wishbone with pushrods
Twin shock layout
Camber, toe, roll centre, anti-squat adjustable

Bump and rebound adjustable

Performance Friction Brakes BR24 4-piston monobloc calipers with 274.0 mm. discs

Premier FIA FT3 fuel cell 40 lt. volume

Cooper front 180 x 550 x 13” rear 250 x 570 x 13"

American Racing alluminium forget front 8 x 13” rear 10 x 13"

Wheelbase: 2750 mm
Front track: 1560 mm
Rear track: 1510 mm

Tatuus PM-18
Pro Mazda


Full carbon composite and aluminum honeycomb monocoque manufactured byPM-18-2 (1) Tatuus Racing meeting current FIA F4 safety standards, including side impact panels, front and rear impact structures, HANS-compliant IndyCar head restraint, front and rear wheel tethers, upgraded uprights, and upgraded front bulkhead structure for USA specific oval racing circuits.

Mazda developed 2-litre MZR-PM18A (275 HP) prepared by Elite Engines, with maximum torque of 190 Ft. Lbs., utilizing a fly by wire throttle system and Cosworth SQ6 engine management system.

Bodywork and Aerodynamics
Unique Pro Mazda engine cover, carbon composite diffuser, adjustable dual element rear wing and single plane carbon fiber front wing with adjustable flaps and Pro Mazda specific front and rear endplates. All bodywork carbon fiber construction.

Motegi Racing forged Technomesh mono-block alloy wheels, 13 X 10 and 13 X 12 sizes (front & rear).

Dry and wet tires to Pro Mazda specification supplied by Cooper Tires.

Performance Friction Brakes ZR24 4-piston monobloc caliper with 274.0mm discs on both the front and rear axles.  Driver adjustable brake bias.

Steering Wheel
Cosworth CFW277 with integrated dash and gear change paddles.
Cosworth Omega L2 Plus Data Logger linked via CAN to Cosworth SQ6 ECU and GCU. Option to upgrade to an Omega Pro, at added cost.

Sadev SL82 six-speed sequential transmission fitted with optimized Pro Mazda gear ratio set controlled by a Magneti Marelli gearshift system.

Twin wishbone suspension with pushrod actuation to Dynamic DSSV two-way adjustable dampers and a range of adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars. Springs provided by Hyperco, with six spring rates available, interchangeable for front and rear axles. Upgraded front and rear uprights for USA specific oval racing. Ride-height, camber and toe adjustment on both axles with roll center, anti-squat and anti-dive adjustments on rear axle.

Fuel System
Premier Fuel Systems 40 liter FT3 fuel cell with internal high pressure pump and filters.

Safety System
Fully integrated electronic FIA approved fire extinguisher system.

Engine Control Unit
Cosworth SQ6 including integrated engine and gearshift control systems.

Wheelbase: 2750 mm
Front Track: 1560 mm    
Rear Track: 1510 mm
Weight: 520 kg (less driver and fuel)